Komodo Creator - Feature Rich CMS and E-Commerce Solutions

What is Komodo Creator?

At it's core Komodo Creator is a content management system, commonly referred to as a CMS, much like the other popular solutions available on the market today, such as Joomla!, Dropal, Word Press, dotCMS etc.  All of these provide a baseline system which allows the site's content to be updated online by average computer users. The similarities however end there.

Why Komodo Creator?

Systems such as Word Press require a developer to install the files, configure the site's layout, modules etc.  At this point the website owner is handed the responsibility of maintaining their site's content.  If a new feature is needed, the developer will once again be required to configure modules and possibly reinstall a new version of the software.

In contrast Komodo Creator websites can be setup online via automation in minutes.  The layout of a website can be modified using wizards or templates online at any time.  Features can be turned on and off with the click of the mouse.  Komodo Creator is under active development; new features are added as often as weekly.    These software updates are automatically pushed out to all Komodo Creator sites during off peak times.

What Technology?

Komodo Creator uses the .NET framework (as opposed to ColdFuions, PHP, ROR etc).  Komodo Creator sites take advantage of the .NET framework in many ways: Pre-Compiled Code, In Memory Page Caching, Multi-Threading, and Job Scheduling just to name a few.  In terms of website performance and security .NET is the clear winner.  Komodo Creator sites use either Microsoft Access or Microsoft SQL server.

So What Capabilities are in Komodo Creator?